048 | November Rain

So, pardon for the lack of posts. The business starts getting harder. I had to handle many promotional designs for my office needs and after all it went quite smooth, though. And, it's November and yes, the rain came like almost everyday. My co-workers starts doing more layers on their outfit; so do I. Fall fashion has always exciting. The boldness of each looks are able to create some gloomy and dramatic mood. 

Until I see one of the look from Burberry Prorsum's Spring 2012-- yes, it's from Spring. Since Burberry seems keep their DNA by doing trench coat in any seasons. Navy color is one of my favourite color in Fall season; or let's call it rainy season since I am living in an exotic tropical country. 

Another thing that popped out why I choose the trench coat from their Spring collection is, the fabric is obviously not as bold as their Fall season. It's quite humid here in Indonesia when the rain stops and the lightweighted coat or parka would be good at this rainy season. White beanie & shirt are my personal pick for the look (Yes, it's Maison Martin Margiela on the graphic collage. They are just good), combined with either navy or indigo trousers and moccasins. 

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