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I was in Ubud during Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. But the internet connection keep me updated. Let's get things straight. Been a fan of Auguste Soesastro's work when the first time I saw his collection back from Indonesia Fashion Week 2012. Peoples might wondering why this kind of effortless, elegant and minimal look costs quite pricey ? I went to his label's Instagram's page and I kinda found the answer in this image.  I have no formal Fashion Design course, but I knew a bit knowledge from my Mom. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this blazer has no sewing line on the shoulder, which is quite difficult and tricky for its pattern drafting and it needs lots of works of details and accurate measurements. And I can see this execution in most of Auguste Soesastro's pieces he presented on Dewi Fashion Knight on Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. And yes, he is that simple. But he's very detailed, accurate, and pretty original, I could say.



Long story short, these 2 looks from J.Crew for their next Spring/Summer 2015 collections are going to be my favourite. Those laid back looks; Polo combined with a simple shirt & basic navy pants seems really really humble and outgoing. But I'd really really go to the look 2 with that interesting fisherman hat and the jeans that looking really  bold yet cool at the same time. Yet, I really realize that there's no J.Crew outlet here in Jakarta. But I kinda notice this online webstore called Zalora lately. Because I just think that they got good items and it's kinda up to date. And I kinda think that I'll find these kind of jeans on their website, though !


117 | UI FASHION WEEK 2014

Top 12 UI Fashion Week Model Search 2014

First row, left to right:
Yolanda Aisyah, Vico Bagaskara, Karina Hikmayudi, Reevo Saulus, Nabila Ratna, Muhammad Iqbal

Second row, left to right:
Afandi Elzo, Ermaly Aminah, Rendra Fernando, Cindy Valery, Obied Umar, Nabila Shabrini
First of all, my apology for the lack of updates. But I am here for giving a good news for me-- but hopefully a good news for you as well. In the past 3 weeks, I just made it into the Top 12 of UI Fashion Week Model Search 2014. Some peoples might knew it already that I was modeling when I was a bit younger. It was a good stuffs because I booked several jobs back then. But I stopped because I joined Abang None Jakarta Kepulauan Seribu & I decided to finish my education at first.
But now, I truly appreciate the peoples behind the event for believing me because to be honest, I grew older. I was 19 years old back at the time. I am now 22 years old and I have to "compete" with younger peoples. But hey I'm here. Recently, it's been a great experience after all. Meeting new friends, get to know each other, and knowing that every contestants here are having their own characters and they're all unique. So now, I want you wish lots of luck for me and hopefully I still could bring my 19 years old power on set :D
Official poster

Episode 1 Photoshoot - "Plain Exploration"
Photographer: Zaky
Wardrobe: ZYK & New Look
Shoes: Portee