053 | Shred

Back from its last Fall's collection, this Nikicio shredded denim jacket has always been my favourite item since the first time I saw the collection; and also the most wearable thing I am able to wear, though. But back at the time, I had limited money so I decided to wait until they cut the price (Well, who doesn't love discounted sale, eh ?). But the plus thing I can find in Nikicio is, they got timeless looks like I can wear it in a long time. I got the blazer from Mixte 2012 and I still wear it like until now. So, this is my mix and match.

Outer: Nikicio | T Shirt: H&M | Jeans: Uniqlo | Shoes: Nike Roshe

And I finally got my dark gray Nike Roshe (well, it looked like a black, though). I could not find the camo one but black is also good as well.  Good texture, good design, and also flexible for running and casual style. I'll save more money to get another one. Hopefully. 

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