055 | Gifted Thrifted, and Some Life Updates

And I finally got my chance to do thrift shopping session on the weekend. Thrift shopping is always exciting and it makes you curious in what item you could get. And I just got the navy parka that I think it could be a good outerwear for the anomaly weather. It's quite versatile because I am able to match the parka either with shorts or jeans. And I am trying to do something like an outdoor look with these duotone XSML basic tee and a black shorts.

Outer: Thrifted parka | T Shirt: (X)S.M.L (underneath) | Shorts: Uniqlo | Sneakers: Nike Roshe Run


Officially got my Bachelor of Arts from Bina Nusantara School of Design. Dad flew away from somewhere at Eastern Asia just to attend my graduation but he had to catch the flight at the SAME day right after the graduation ceremony is over so .. There is no family portrait at the moment but I'm beyond happy that he was there to see me :") Yet best friends came and they gave me these beautiful flowers. Uncountable thanks to my best friends :*

Office life is getting better, apparently. Knowing that sometimes you are able to meet some of the biggest name at the industry and knowing a bit about their personality is such a good thing to happen. Just like this one, I got my chance to meet the proud Indonesian fashion photographer, Miss Nicoline Patricia Malina who gained her success not only in Indonesia, but in Europe as well. And seriously, she is very humble and friendly ! 


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