063 | Biennale Desain dan Kriya Indonesia 2013

Biennale Desain dan Kriya Indonesia 2013 is a collaborative exhibition from 98 peoples from creative industry, such as graphic designers, visual artists, architects, interior designers & fashion designers. There are workshops & seminars as well. Located at Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta Pusat and this exhibition runs for a month; starts from Dec 19, 2013 to Jan 19, 2014. Much love I gave to several fashion designers like Oka Diputra, Deden Siswanto & Nuniek Mawardi. And also, notable graphic designers like Yasser Rizky and Novita Angka are also participate at this exhibition. Here are some of my personal selections; and I still wanting to visit at least one more time. Lovely !



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  1. went on opening day, but haven't explore. Looks like I need to visit this event once more

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa