I can be really really subjective when it comes to Paris Fashion Week. Most of my favourite designers there; Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens, Juun J, Damir Doma, Alexander Wang, everything. For some of the audiences, Paris is getting bored by having its own style but for me, and next summer is, it's all refreshed.
There are too many too lists about my favourite designers on the city. It's plenty. But let me personally curate these looks based in how they pull their personal aesthetics and how I pull my personal taste. Paris next summer would be about unusual silhouette and casual laid back looks in my eyes. Here I go.

AND YES, AGAIN. Juun J rocked the runway to the maximum level for me ! It's an A game ! I can't stop watching his show on YouTube like, really. Look at those alienatic silhouette he did in every single pieces of his collections. It's a true surreal collections again. Those oversized items are everything !

I had lots of visual orgasm when the finale show and all the models went out with oversized shirt; Juun J's signature items with tons of printed handwritten typography combined with monochromatic line arts which is totally, totally soooooo my taste. I mean like, really ? He really wants me to buy one of the items. For sure.

My interest in Damir Doma has been increased once again with his latest collection. Loose shirt with wide turtle neck, oversized short with unique silhouette. Those are things I've lost in some of his past collections but now he's back. And I mean with those easy look and sharp cut, I wish I could get that loose shirt. The black one.
From a concept of a sleepwear, Christophe Lemaire went with another minimalism execution. Lots of pockets in white jacket creates a pretty voluminous piece, though. What else ? Lots of black, very casual, looking really light as well. And the pants' cut is something to watch because it's kinda unique, in my opinion.

Yohji-san. His works are more like lists of masterpieces. Something that I wish I would wear on my daily basis, if only I'm a fashion daredevil in the city of Jakarta. He never leave his personal story and put his Japanese heritage in each pieces he did.

Long haired models, tied up handkerchief on head, oversized buttoned up shirt and couple of espadrilles. It's something very Yohji Yamamoto. Something authentic that I don't know what to call, and I'm sure that I can't find it in another Asian designers.

Been a fan of Rick Owens in lots of seasons but next season is going to be a color explosion for Rick Owens. He did lots of colours. Yes, it is colourful-- in Rick Owens way. And somehow I can see that he's still getting really gothic even with colours other than achromatic palettes, though.

Some of the models down with fully painted body. It gets creepier, I could say. But the items he did are still great and again, he did another collaboration with Adidas. Just like the thing he did past seasons.

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