Lately, I've been questioning how versatile menswear collection could be. Because in how I see lately, menswear collection here in Jakarta is quite far from our expectation; for some peoples, I mean.
I'd really like to wear something rare like what Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens and Boris Bidjan Saberi presented on their runway shows. And for some of boys here, they started to buy masculine womenswear to fulfil their personal style.

Blazer: Aesthetic Pleasure
Wide pants: I.K.Y.K
Sandals: Aesthetic Pleasure

Leather snapback: Nikicio
Modified white shirt: I.K.Y.K
Pants: Nikicio
I've been watching for some local womenswear labels that is quite possible for boys to wear. Aesthetic Pleasure, this brand stole my attention with their sharp cut and clean colours. IKYK also has great wide pants that is unisex enough so I think I'd wear this kind of stuff.
Nikicio, one of my all time favourite brand presented pretty much of unisex items on their collections. The muscle tank, unique cut pants that fits both men & women, and the slippers as well. It gets better to complete the look with IKYK modified white shirt that looked pretty masculine for some boys to wear.

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