002 | Soekma Djaja

This June, I could say that this is the best experience I've got during my journey in Abang None Jakarta. I got the opportunity to handle double jobs in this project; as a cast and as a graphic designer. As I have to manage my time between my undergrad thesis and Soekma Djaja, the last 3 months was super duper busy but at the end, I ended up smoothly. So let me separate the story into 2 types. The whole performance and the publication I did for Soekma Djaja.

The Casts

Andri Sena Putra (Jakarta Utara) | Andes Hadisucipto (Jakarta Pusat)
Ario Pramadhi (Jakarta Pusat) | Bastian Ibrahim (Jakarta Barat 1975 - The first Abang Jakarta)
Bobtriyan Tanamas (Jakarta Barat) | Bremana Endratenaya (Jakarta Utara)
Cakra Mudra (Jakarta Selatan) | Cornelius Pantow (Jakarta Utara)
Patria Pradana (Jakarta Selatan) | Diyang Renantia (Jakarta Utara)
Doddy Eriandoko (Jakarta Utara) | Ade Firman Hakim (Jakarta Barat)
Fitri Aprilia (Jakarta Barat) | Imam Wibowo (Jakarta Selatan)
Indah L. Purwoko (Jakarta Utara) | Muhammad Irsal (Jakarta Pusat)
Ita Dachrin (Jakarta Pusat) | Rizkika Purliageng (Jakarta Utara)
Lutfi Ardiansyah (Jakarta Selatan) | Dewi Melani Setianingrum (Jakarta Timur)
Mia Ismi Halida (Jakarta Pusat) | Nabilah Zata (Jakarta Utara)
Nicke Vinadia (Jakarta Kepulauan Seribu) | Rahmat Chaniago (Jakarta Selatan)
Reevo Saulus (Jakarta Kepulauan Seribu) | Rendy Wise (Jakarta Barat)
Rieka Nur Asy Syam (Jakarta Utara) | Nissia Ananda (Jakarta Pusat)
Sydney Amanda Ramandita (Jakarta Pusat) | Fauzia Rahmatika (Jakarta Timur)
Rivaldi Harun (Jakarta Kepulauan Seribu) | Wandha Dwiutari (Jakarta Utara) | Hendro Yudi (Jakarta Selatan)

The Performance

Scene 1 | Photo by Jakarta Post

Opening Dance | Photo by Abang None Jakarta Barat's Facebook

I actually took my part on the production as an additional cast because I didn't make the first audition cut and 2 months later, MpokMod (Maudy Koesnaedi herself) kinda need several additional casts to be on the production so she took me in. I already stated at the beginning that I do have zero acting skill, I only want to dance; later I realized that, you have to be able to do everything because this is a performance art, not only a dance art. 

I got my opportunity to play a role as a high school fighter which is personally, it drives me into an emotional feeling. Like, I always pray to God that I wanted to have a better high school memories. I could say that I survived bullying during my high school time. And the outfit is personally mine, I wore during my role as a high school fighter, was an exact same outfit back at the time I was bullied on high school. Let me tell you, the art of parallel universe. You never know what you'll gonna get on your future.  This means a lot to me like He might answered my pray. I finally have a better high school memories, even only on stage :')

Behind the scene. Myself doing one of my short Capoeira moves at the opening dance | Photo by Patria Pradana

Scene 3 & Palang Pintu ceremony | Photo by Detikcom

Closing Dance | Photo by Patria Pradana

The Design

A quarter spread design at Kompas Newspaper, May 26 2013

A huge 5 meters high poster in front of Gedung Kesenian Jakarta

A huge 4 metres high print ad at Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta
(Taken with iPad. Pardon the low-res quality)

Invitation design, special for all audiences

If I am able to choose, I could say I am happier to see my works on the public area than to see my face on a huge print ad. Like, I am currently an undergraduate visual student (soon to be graduated !) and I got the chance to handle most of the design of the production, to able to see my works on a national newspaper. Seriously, God bless Mpok Maudy Koesnaedi and the producer assistant Bang Teguh Yasa Abratama for this beautiful opportunity. 

I am seriously out of words like wow, pictures could tell. Things are getting good nowadays. I feel so blessed. Really. And at the end it makes me realize that this local culture elevate me into a better life at the moment. Indonesia has tons of beautiful culture that everyone needs to appreciate. Thanks for everything, Soekma Djaja. 


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