009 | Manual Lines

I always fail to take care a plain white tee to stay white. I always think that a plain white tee is a canvas that I have to fill with some graphics. And here I go, I randomly bought a basic white tee at the opening of Uniqlo Indonesia in Ciputra World and I have no idea where to wear this because this is just a plain white tee. Things popped out in my mind when I see some unused stationeries on my workspace so here I go for a DIY graphic line shirt.
Tools of trade : 1) A plain white tee, 2) Waterproof marker, 3) Various sizes of drawing pens

How to make :

1. The first thing is, make a prototype in Illustrator, Photoshop or whatever it is. Because you need a sample design as a reference to your real size design.

2. Because you're about to draw in a fabric that has a flexible surface, I suggested to put a stronger surface under the fabric. In this time, I used cutting mat as the base.
3. Start drawing ! And choose a waterproof media to draw because you would obviously wash your tee, right ? I use a standard waterproof drawing pen and it fits in so many media surfaces-- even on a cotton fabric.

4. Once you're done, let it dry about 10 minutes with hair dryer or air conditioner-- or something you that could makes the ink dry quickly.

5. Done ! It is now ready to wear :)

T-shirt & Shorts : Uniqlo

And I finally able to do this project during my undergrad thesis because seriously, I feels like doing an endless project. But soon to be graduated, hopefully. Still brainstorming for the next project while revising my design for my undergrad thesis project, hmm. Extra effort needed, then !

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