010 | Milan Mens Fashion Week S/S 2014

Done with London, it’s time to take some moves to the southeast area from the United Kingdom. Yes, it’s Italy. Here are my personal selection for Milan Mens Fashion Week S/S 2014.

Neil Barrett

Yes. Neil Barrett is kind of like the most wearable item in Summer from my point of view. He’s out with check patterns, classic combination of plain tees, shorts and shoes. And this quite impressed me in how he could brings simple look into classy. Just like one of my favourite designer, Kris Van Assche—and I’m looking forward to see his collections at the upcoming Paris Fashion Week as well.

Jil Sander

This one is also, Jil Sander stole my attention with the color blocks execution of her Spring/Summer 2011 lines. Again, she played with another color blocks and I love how she picked the color combos. I always love any kind of color that mixed with black and white. And she did that. Black & white mixed with vermilion. And also, all black and a little line of vermilion color for me it’s a pretty good twist.

Dolce & Gabbana

I could say this is the first time I fell in love with almost all items from Dolce & Gabbana. The old building architecture prints are beyond good. Since London offered much colorful floral prints,  Dolce & Gabbana seems got their own way to express their summer spirit by taking their hometown, Sicily as their main inspiration and again, by taking the local Sicilians down to the runway. The suit’s cuts are getting good. Pretty sharp & clean. Yet the wide length sleeves shirt that makes it their signature piece looked really good with the monochromatic prints inside it.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Sporty mood spreads around several pieces in Salvatore Ferragamo. Color blocks & prints are here as well. Loving the combination between white and ochre color in some of the items. Long coat seems everywhere in Milan Mens Fashion Week and love the clean cut from the coat, though.


Another wearable collection after Neil Barrett. Good cut of high neck tee combined with analogous colors made a simple color harmony in several looks of Trussardi. Total white looks made casual mood. Leathers are everywhere here and me likey !

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood continues her crazy mind into her latest collection. When other labels stands in color blocks & floral prints, Westwood went up with India & Bollywood as her main inspiration, as we can see from the head scarf also the beret cap that for me, it makes the models looked like Indian cops at Bollywood movie, though. The jodhpur pants are still hanging at the models which drives me into a short-sequence of excitement. Check pattern is not only available in Burberry. Westwood brought the pattern into the new classical mood.



Plus ! Things that stole my attention from the whole set of Milan Fashion Week goes to Etro. If Dolce & Gabbana sent real peoples to the runway, Etro sent elderly models to the runway. It's good to see new things like Etro did since I could say that there are so many good models from the 90s that has still book some runway, editorial yet they still look beyond good, right ? Mention Tony Ward, Mrs. Carmen Dell'orefice, Naomi Campbell, Kristen McMenamy and Tyson Beckford. Prove that modelling is an ageless job eh ? Next ? Paris !

All photos by Style.com

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