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Yuri Pleskun in oversized shirt at Juun J Spring/Summer 2013

Somehow, oversized outfit could be a good choice to save yourself from the summer sun. Several designers are kinda like reinventing the wide sleeve shape of a Japanese kimono into their lines. Juun J is one of the example that applied the wide sleeve shape of Kimono into a single t-shirt. And that oversized shirt above just gave me some enlightenments onto my little DIY project.

Oversized sweater. IDR 20K

Satin shorts. IDR 20K

Who doesn't love low price ? Somehow, thrift store is kinda place that you could find unpredictable treasures. And I bought these 2 pieces; oversized sweater and a satin shorts in a random thrift store near the neighbourhood I live. And I got it both only for IDR 40K ($ 4). 
Just because I purchased it in a cheap price, I can be a little brutal to do my DIY project (Well ..). This is simple. I only cut the elastic surface of the sweater to get the wide sleeve effect into it. It's that easy and fast. And I nearly get the Juun J look in less than US$ 4 :P

White is not my personal favourite color just because 2 things : 1) I'm a clumsy person. It's quite often I dropped a sauce into my pants. I don't want to ruin the beauty of white and 2) I looked quite tanned when I wear white. Well yeah, I'm a tropical Islander. Being tanned is ordinary here in Indonesia. And if you peoples would think if I can wear this on my daily basis, I would say-- Yes !

Architecture as a collage background by Nicholas Alan Cope

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