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Final Project for my Bachelor's Degree; Indonesian title - Perancangan Komunikasi Visual Publikasi Buku "Kepulauan Seribu - Eksotika Teluk Jakarta"

Everything was begun back at last year when I was one of the finalist of Abang None Jakarta Kepulauan Seribu. There's a sharing session from the senior, Bang Ghivari Pahlevi- Abang Jakarta Kepulauan Seribu 2009. He asked to all finalists, "What kind of contribution you would do as a tourism ambassador based on your educational background ?"

When it turned to mine, I originally answered that I would like to re-brand the logos of some islands of Kepulauan Seribu because in my opinion, the logos are kinda like oldish for a modern era like now. And a year later, I really got my chance to take some actions on my answer from my senior's question on the sharing session. As simple as that.

Sneak peek of the brochure design, promotion poster & the book packaging

So, the process was not that easy because I was doing another 2 projects for Teater Abang None Jakarta, both as a performer & publication designer in SoekmaDjaja. That means, I literally running 3 projects at the same time. Last 5 months was drop dead crazy. I do really manage my time like fuck I nearly have no sleep meanwhile Starbucks is kinda like a home for me. I mostly did everything in Starbucks, both my final project & SoekmaDjaja in a day and doing the choreography & acting routine at night. I went home, woke up, fly to Starbucks then doing the theatre routine. That was my life cycle back at the time and I really have no idea how come I could ever be that strong in literal meaning.

Back to my final project. I clearly see myself as another graphic designer who believe with the philosophy of the less. Yes, I do mostly minimalist approaches back at my university life. It is not because I am not good in another style but I think every graphic designers out there would always have their own personal style, don't they ? And here, I really push the things I often did during my early semester; layout & typography. 

I've done my book in 202 pages and if some of you are wondering which part that took the longest time to finish; it is not how many pages I've done, yet it's about the font I personally design for this project. You see the cover of my book ? It's a typographic cut-out of my self designed font. And I personally satisfied with the result.

I sacrifice so many things for this final project (Well, don't we all sacrifice so many things, too ?). I went to both Kepulauan Seribu Utara and Kepulauan Seribu Selatan twice- back at this March and May. I got sun burned when I went to Pulau Air, I only able to do 3 meters deep free diving at the underwater chapter of my book (Special thanks to Khumaidhi Kamal, 4th runner up of Abang Jakarta Kepulauan Seribu 2010 that helped me a lot do snap some corals and he did 5 meters free diving. A true Islander !) and I swallow a lot of saltwater and it tastes like EUWH. I nearly broke my DSLR at Pulau Untung Jawa and I got "haunted" at Pulau Onrust. 

Until the D-Day came, I really have no idea because I personally regret because I could not focus to my final project because I was assigned to do SoekmaDjaja as well. But again, the Almighty showed me His bless and my reaction when I know my final score is pure from the bottom of my heart. I was reminiscing my time back at university. I never knew how good I could go and I just an ordinary visual design student. What else ? Pardon my exaggeration but this means a LOT to me. It's not about winning or losing the competition. Because for me, it's all about how well you can contribute yourself to an area you represents for as a tourism ambassador. And at the end, this is for you, Kepulauan Seribu. Thank you so much for tons of great opportunity I got. 

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