020 | But I'm Feeling Twenty Two

15 x 21 cm. Mix media (Various sizes of drawing pen. Finished in Adobe Photoshop)

Things I'm getting sure about life is, there is a person that stays with you when you were a little, then you grew up together, and grow old together. It also happened to me. Since I met these young girl back at elementary school. Then we went to same junior high until we separate at high school and fortunately, we took same major in university- even though we attended different uni, though.

This is a little & quick illustration for my childhood friend as her birthday gift. A pretty simple since I have no idea what to buy. But I do have some free time, paper, pen and some ideas. Then there I go, a little illustration for my childhood friend. I do feel the vibe of your twenty two, have a good day ahead, Desak Ratih Vidyana Saraswati :-)

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