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"I'm a half animal, and a half dream" - Arkiv Vilmansa

As a line art enthusiast, I've been notice this kind of works, but I have no idea who is the artist. Until I went to Bazaar Art Jakarta 2013 yesterday night then I just saw this similar works hanging on one of the wall's exhibition. Oh OK, so the artist is Indonesian. 

Arkiv Vilmansa. An artist behind these gorgeous line art compositions. This might be my first time having a passion to own an artwork right from the artist him/herself. And what makes me shock a bit more is, this is done by acrylic on canvas. Very clean & neat just like a printed artwork. This artist totally got his signature style, in my opinion. An international kind of style and am sure, these works inspires so many aspiring artists out there. So eyegasmic & a fresh good stuff for my visual vitamin. 

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