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So, it's been 2 weeks after I get my Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication. Recently busy with my pre-graduation stuffs, also got some freelance projects right after I graduate (Yay !), meanwhile I'm still looking for any other possible opportunities, probably ? To refresh this blog, let me post a personal look today.
Jacket : Uniqlo | Self made drop crotch shorts | Shoes : Converse (2011) | iPad Apparel : Verre

Now, let me tell you a little good thing from this look. Here I go. I would like to share a bit about this promising Indonesian brand, another business that has been developed by one of my (literally) favourite lecturer in my university. Say hi to Verre Compparel. Or if some of you might confuse with the definition of Compparel is; it stands for Computer Apparel. 

I've been wanted to have one of the item back at the time I saw the product at Brightspot Market 2011. It's prety simple why. Since I was a visual design student and I am just another Apple fan boy, I often thinking that why my gadgets are like .. Naked ? Also, since I'm a quite obsessive-compulsive, putting sticker on my laptop or iPad surface is totally not a good thing for me because just in case when I put the sticker out from my laptop, the surface would definitely gone like "euwh those kind of glue stickers" whatsoever. 

My personal design I did for my personal iPad

But when I knew that this brand Verre offers a very good innovation in my opinion, I started to think like okay, let's try this. You literally need no glue to put it on your Apple gadgets (Okay, it's also available on Blackberry, Samsung or even Nintendo DS). What else ? It's removable and washable as well. And I do like this kind of innovation like, seriously. Also, I got my chance to put my own design into it. And I choose my personal line art illustration into my iPad and Batik inspired illustration to my laptop (I promise, am gonna post it very soon !).
Verre's smooth surface product is just more than good because for me, I need no additional case either for my iPad & laptop as well. And at the end, it's kinda good to know that my gadgets are no longer naked !

Psst !
Just in case you would like to spend some cash for this good local brand, they're having a good 20% discount sale at their online shop until Aug 15, and also 15% - 30% at The Goods Dept Pondok Indah Mall 2 and Pacific Place. More info ? Just click their website and Facebook page.

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