025 | July's Outfits

The last day of July. Another greatful month I had. A sudden idea popped out from my brain, thinking to make a simple collage from my outfit posts I did this month. Personally, I think I did a right thing by reconstructing my blog and start it again from the beginning. I am now able to express my visual preferences; it's monochromatic. It does not mean I am colour blind or what. It's pure about preferences since most of my gadgets and stuffs on my room are either black, white or grey. 

My mix and matches for July

I did not shop that much this month. I went to a thrift store near my neighbourhood, found an old XL sized hoodie and I cut both of the sleeves and the bottom side of the hoodie to re-enact the mood of Juun J's Spring/Summer 2013 collection. I also went out with three quarter sleeve shirt I bought from Uniqlo. And I wore this redundantly since I really like its fabric.

A short shorts is still my dominant item I wore at this month's unpredictable weather. Once I am trying to clean my closet yet I found my old graphic hoodie that I don't even know that I actually have it. Sometimes, cleaning out your walking closet might drives you into a sudden treasure hunt and take a look at the stuff I got !

August is about to come and I am still running on my freelance projects and I recently having fun while working it. August is about to be Independence Day, and Eid Mubarak. Yet I do still expect for more day offs, hmm. 

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