026 | Lesser Sunda's Pattern

It's August already ! So let's go to the main point. I just got a little present from my campus senior just because I got good score in my final project *blushing for a bit*. She is Irena Riyadi, a friend of mine, a young graphic designer, a pattern junkie lives in Jakarta. She previously told me that if I gained the best score for my final project, she would design me a pattern and I am able to use print and that pattern in any medias.

Say hi to my little gift !

This is the original design. I requested her a pattern that would able to portray my heritage. And since my Dad is originally from Kupang; one of the city in Lesser Sunda Islands, I requested her an inspired Tenun Ikat NTT (Nusa Tenggara Timur) kind of pattern and always in black & white. And she made this. I always love Iren's pattern composition. She divided 2 designs here. The light one & the dark one. And for now, I choose to use the light design because it's more ethnic and I'm gonna print it in my self made plain tote bag.

The printed pattern on the tote bag

T-Shirt : Uniqlo | Jeans : Zara Man (2011) | Unused white fabric as an outer skirt | Slip-on : Wakai
Self made tote bag; pattern graphic by Irena Riyadi

I flashback myself into my time as a freshman in university. Tote bag was always my favourite bag, it's simply because it fits big sketchbook and art supplies. I rarely use tote bag now but after this, you might see me wearing this tote bag more often. Thank you for the lovely pattern, Iren !

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