027 | Statement

As the time flies, I start blogging back at 2008. But for me, blogging was nothing more than a diary. So I mostly blog my daily life that time. But now, I decided to reconstruct my blog I am trying to entertain myself. Or in short, I would like to express myself through this space. Somehow, my late blog dragged me into fashion, art & anything. I learned so many things from any other cool blogs out there. 

I was looking for what kind of thing I like. And I had no idea how to express myself. I'm quite afraid to see people's feedback about myself. As narrow as that. But as I grow older, I am thinking to express through this blog I have & just be myself. I just read an online comic I found in Pinterest (here) and it touched me with its words like; 

"Because if you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you will spend your life completely wasting your time."

Yes, I am about to say that there are so many bloggers out there, they blogged and they gained some exposures through their blogs. And I don't want to be a hypocrite that time, I want to get some exposures as well. That was my mindset back at the time and I wasn't being me. I know myself and I realized that I ain't good in how I dress myself and I do mostly color block & monochrome and I tried to follow the trend and trying to get some exposures from my blog posts. Until I gave up last year. Later I realized, I wasn't show the true me so that's why I easily get bored with my blog. In short, if I only blog here for some recognitions or exposures, I'll waste my time blogging here. Why not trying to blog for myself at first ?

This is kinda like the way how I see myself, how I design, how I dress and how I took photo of myself. I rarely wear prints, I don't do realist illustration, I don't do avant garde mood, and the most important thing is I am not acting to look good because I know myself for being a tanned young men from the tropical country. I am just a young men next door wearing basic grey tee & shorts to a mall, I do clean designs in every single of my campus assignments, I like being alone at the corner of coffee shop but it doesn't mean I have no friend(s) or social life, it's just about preference. Theory says, I (probably) an introvert. But I'm really fine to hang out with my friends. Back again, it's just my preference to be alone.

Just like in how I dress myself. I've been working at this upper cut hair style for almost 2 years. I went bald several times but I always ended up in this upper cut style. Then in how I dress, a basic tee is a must have item to wear for me. Comfort is the thing I'm looking for everytime I style myself. I like Damir Doma, Alexander Wang & Rick Owens but for me personally, I could not afford them -- and also it's hard to buy here in Indonesia; except those worldwide online shop. I shop MUJI, Zara, Uniqlo & several good local brand like (X)S.M.L, Danjyo Hiyoji & Nikicio. That's it. I just need to learn how to manage the $$$ I have and all you see in my blog posts are the stuffs I am affordable at. I basically just want to show my personal statement in this blog-- and isn't it the main value of personal blogging ? It's how you show your true form, hmm ? Just a personal note from myself to myself. 


  1. 100% agree with you that we supposed to blog for express ourselves not to impress. but you already impressed me with your blog post. I've been as silent reader for last 6 months and this is my first time I left comment on your comment box.


    Fahmy Haryandi

    1. Oh hey there ! Well thanks for dropping by & reading mine ! I truly take this as a compliment :-)

      Have a nice day, Fahmy !