028 | Two Shades of Grey

Eid Mubarak holiday ! Sale is everywhere and apparently, Uniqlo has been my recent favourite label since its arrival in this country. Really fits my personal preference of my outfit because its pretty clean & laid back.  
Long sleeve & Cargo pants : Uniqlo | Sandal : MUJI

Japanese brands attracts my attention lately just because the way the Japanese put the essence of clean design into a higher level and I think this cargo pants is pretty friendly to wear in any occasions. I am able to wear this in semi formal or either just to hang out with my friends. Oh, and the texture of the long sleeve's fabric is such a champion. Totally fits on this tropical country.

Oh ! I do have a little thing to do. A styling collaboration with my fellow high school friend, an aspiring fashion stylist Radhitio Anindhito. I'm going to post some outfit posts with his styling since I personally think that I need some styling advice and he would like to help me. (Oh, and I saw my pageviews track of my blog and it's pretty much readers here. And if I could ask you (silent) readers--haha for a favor, can you drop some comments ? A single comment would make me smile a bit more. Really :D). So now, you could probably hang on  and prepare your Raya feast :-)

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