031 | Jaksa Street Fiesta 2013

Pictures turned into black & white due to low light situation

So, things are getting busy. I recently working as a freelance artist and am having several projects to do. And this weekend, I kinda got my free time so I decided to swap myself to an exhibition held in Jalan Jaksa called Jaksa Street Fiesta 2013.

It's basically a local art festival, all about art and crafts. Local artists did some make-overs on Jalan Jaksa by painting on the asphalt street as their main media all way long the street and am just wondering how would it be like if I see it in a helicopter. A huge long canvas at the asphalt, probably ?

Tenun Ikat NTT Pouch

And I also purchased several stuffs during the event. Just bought a bracelet and this ! I always wanted to own anykind of affordable ethnic stuff made from Tenun Ikat and I found this ! A Tenun Ikat pouch from a local brand called Semomondeezy and it costs only IDR 35. And luckily this fits my stationeries and I believe am gonna use this stuff :-D

Oh, and if I could write a simple opinion; I could say that Jakarta is getting lovable lately since the new governorance set by Mr. Joko Widodo & Mr. Basuki T.P. The city face changed drastically in the last few months and there are several artistic things to do. I participate myself in Jakarnaval 2013 as the part of Abang None Jakarta Kepulauan Seribu, then I've watched musical theatre Ariah which tremendously stunning ! Then I also went to Festival Palang Pintu at Kemang, there is also Japanese event Ennichisai at Little Tokyo, Blok M, and also about Bazaar Art Jakarta. Quite a lot, eh ? And I do wish that there could be more art events here in the city to supply some fresh airs to creative workers and public peoples as well :D

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