037 | Navy and Beige

If you think that I only have black, white and grey on my closet, well it's not really. This three quarter sweat pants is quite good for laid back meet up with my friends and I tried to combine with sleeveless shirt & thrifted parka I bought couple years back & it's kinda neglected because I have no idea how could I mix and match it with any other items. Until I realize that the sweat pants I bought has similar color with my thrifted parka so .. 

Sleeveless shirt : Unbranded | Parka : Thrifted | Sweat pants : Uniqlo | Slip on : Wakai

Thrifting is kinda like my guilty pleasure because if you're lucky enough, you could get great item with low price. I got this thrifted parka for about IDR 25 (approximately US$ 2) and back at the time, I just have no idea why I bought the parka and waiting the right time to wear. And at last, the sweat pants matched the colour pretty well.

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