039 | Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2014

Back to Jakarta. Back to reality. I got hired. Fashion week is currently showing its womenswear in 4 capital cities but well, I kinda decided not to post anything related to womenswear on this blog. But apparently, that crazy Rick Owens just made a tremendous fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. As we know, Dolce & Gabbana sent real Sicilian peoples to their menswear runway in multiple seasons back. And for now, Rick Owens sent 40 step dancers to presence his upcoming collection to the runway scene. Captured by Kevin Tachman, showing that the beauty can shine not only from the size zero supermodels.
Divided into 4 sections, each group of 10 performed the step dance movements along with the synchronised music and lighting wearing the upcoming Rick Owens collections and also, the upcoming Rick Owens collaboration with Adidas is also shown on the footwear worn by the step dancers; making the stomping session looked very strong. 

Lately, the fashion scene showing zero size light skinned Caucasian models and even several designers didn't booked any ethnic models to their show. it is kinda unfortunate because beauty should be visible in any colours. Rick Owens break the boundaries by using real step dancers with real size body and beautiful exotic skin tones. Feels like watching Step Up sequel in Rick Owens mood. What a great way to celebrate the fashion diversity.

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