040 | Life Chapter 2.1

As you might know, I always wanted to work somewhere related to fashion. And right after I gained my Bachelor's Degree in Visual Design, I always looking forward to find a company that might suits my clean and minimal design aesthetics. Things gets better when the company asked me to do an interview and I went for it. What makes it better, I was in Belitung when the phone call came and they approve my CV and stuffs so here I go, I am recently working as a graphic designer for one of Indonesia's growing fashion related company, The Goods Department. 

Just done my first week here and got pretty good feedbacks from it. The co-workers are very friendly yet looking really good in how they style themselves. The office sometimes came into English oriented since the boss is a native, what else ? I wanted to work in fashion scene and here I am, thankfully. And since it's about fashion and I just kinda hate to post something with no graphic image, here I give the items I love for work. Long sleeve and turtleneck top is my recent favourite since it's Fall season on the western part of the mother earth (meanwhile still an anomaly weather at my country, though). Classic Jansport backpack is always a huge yes for me since it's quite often for me to bring my laptop to the office (I need to adapt myself working in new computer, though. So I'd rather to work on my small laptop screen).
Slim fit jeans & running shoes. I know some peoples would see why I choose running shoes is purely because I love the comfortable sole of running shoes and I am able to wear it in a quite long duration. And my all time favourite MUJI stationeries is still on my list ! And oh, then what is my expectation to be here ? It's just one, actually. For me, it's going to be good if I can find a company that fits my design style after all. Hopefully it would create a good win-win solution both for me and the company. So hopefully, bright aura would shine during my day here at the company !

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