041 | Visual Moodboard

My second week working at the office. Things are good recently. The air con is quite freezing me since there are only about 10 persons in my working floor. My sleeping time is getting normal now (thank you God) and also, I only got my time running on the weekend. But I still able to swim after my office hour; yes, running and swimming are the sport I recently do to maintain my weight since I am unable to join Capoeira like I did in university. OK, just a short intro about how my time management changed for a week.
I do have more time blogging at the office (like I am doing now) if I have no queueing work(s) as well. Browsing about stuffs I love and arrange it into a graphic mood board. Like these 3 stuffs, the famous Alexander Wang's signature dress from his Spring.Summer collection, the low cut shorts look with bold fabrics are my little obsession during the weather. Fall scene is still running, so ...

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