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My Soul Pleads For You - Simon Webbe (Grace, 2006)

I'm a 90s kids. I grew up listening some good boyband at the era. Blue & Backstreet Boys are my favourite until today. Simon Webbe is my all time favourite singer on Blue. Until the rumour they break up at 2005 and started to start their own career, it was such a flop news from me. But Simon still released some albums afterwards.
Released in 2006 under his Grace album; I was 15 back at the time. My Soul Pleads For You is one of my favourite song on the track list. It's been 7 years but I still love love love everything Simon did on this song. The monochromatic music video, minimalist music & his clean facial expression. Everything. This song fits at everything. Especially, this has been my lullaby song at the moment.

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