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So still, am here still talking about my office environment. As you might read on my previous post back about my office outfit selection, here I'm trying to show my favourite office looks. I'm just trying to be as simple as I can, and as comfortable as I can but still, portraying my personal taste. Some of you might think that it's too simple to be called "style" but hmm, my eyes worked better in monochromatic. Here I go.

I usually bring these 2 bags everyday. The backpack is for my laptop; because I'd rather to work with my laptop, and the black tote bag is used for my lunch box, tumbler, and my laptop charger. Got the backpack at the newly opened store H&M. Been looking for a simple black backpack with volumized texture and when I dropped down to store and I found it, I just directly grab it. 
Then, THE GOODS DEPT black tote bag is one of my most wanted item since I worked here. It was out of stock when I entered the company then I got one back at the 3rd store opening party at Lotte Shopping Avenue last week.

Tops: ZARA Man | Bottoms: Uniqlo | Backpack: H&M | Shoes: Converse

Tops & Bottoms: Uniqlo | Tote bag: THE GOODS DEPT | Shoes: Converse (Yes, I never wash my Converse, though. Just let it be ..)

Then how about my daily office looks ? Here are some of my common office look. It's just so simple since I'm just assigned to work at the headquarter and not too much getting out from the office, though. A three quarter sleeve with black jeans and Converse. I usually bring both bags but somehow I bring one of them as well. One thing I like from creative industry is, no one limits you to wear satin trousers, buttoned up shirt and moccasins to office. And apparently, I feel free.

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