065 | Lightweight & Leather

OK so ! This could be my last style post in 2013. First time doing outdoor look shoot as well. And 2014 is in front of my eyes, I kinda think to reconstruct my blog layout (again). I don't know, though. I'll surely reconstruct it once I got more free time & good mood to do-- yes, upside down moodswing attack at the end of the year, eh. Well, here I go. My last style post in 2013 :-)
Last Summer, I was inspired a lot with this Belgian designer, Kris Van Assche. He is able to pull the basic fashion items into a higher level. He got good silhouette in his runway looks. So, this look pushed me to do something with headpiece. I rarely wear cap but this Nikicio leather cap from its Fall/Winter 2013 collection is everything.  I also combined the look with this lightweighted trench coat I found in a thrift store and it has a good condition; I just directly pack it and bring it home. And the price ? IDR 75K—US$ 8 only. Pretty good price, hmm ?
Leather cap: Nikicio | Lightweighted trench coat: Thrifted | Pants: Uniqlo | Shoes: Nike

Photographed by Kun Anggeristi Brahmasto



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