066 | Kraton by Auguste Soesastro

As we know, there are many international fashion designers who brought the theme of minimalisms into their designs; Rad Hourani, Juun J, Calvin Klein, and many other. But in Indonesian market, I was wondering are there any local designers that could bring a clean design in a good level ? Until one day I had my chance to attend Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 last February and seeing this name. 

Auguste Soesastro 2013 Campaign

Meet Auguste Soesastro, a man behind a brand "Kraton". As a local Indonesian, I had no idea about his brand. I Googled his name and I was awed. He launched his brand in New York back at 2008-- which means, it's actually a good thing to know. Now, why I think he is special ? First, he did eco fashion; which is there are only few designers did that (Diane Von Furstenberg is one eco fashion designers I know; correct me if I'm wrong). I truly remembered he designed a clothing piece made from pineapple fiber, and also several items from another sustainable fabrics. Second, when I saw each of his items, the tailoring is very neat. Very well structured and everything is just so clean. His signature wide legged pants is my personal favourite of his design. And yes, he had so many international exposures. America to Europe, New York to Switzerland. And I am hoping to see his designs on more magazine editorials-- the one I saw was back at 2011 in Majalah Dewi. His dress were featured on the cover of Majalah Dewi, worn by Indonesian top model Paula Verhoeven. Simply high fashion.



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  1. Minimal western influence without ignoring Indonesian roots as seen in tonal motifs. Nice designs indeed. And about the eco-fashion line, Stella McCartney, Yves St Lauren and several other lesser known designers offer eco-friendly lines too.