067 | HELLO 2014 !

Jakarta city scape

It started like last year, my passion to attend the 2012 Car Free Night in Bunderan Hotel Indonesia is totally growing. It is actually a new program from the new elected Jakarta Governor, Joko Widodo in how to make Jakarta a better city (Well yeahs, that's what I caught). So he decided to make the public occasion at one of the notable landmark of Jakarta, Bunderan Hotel Indonesia.

Then I asked 2 of my friends Steph & Raslene to join the occasion, and luckily they said yes. So there you go, I got good peoples to go with at the end of the year. And how we spend our last 2013 night ? We went to the cinema and watched 47 Ronin until 11.30 PM. And how we end it was pretty tremendous. It was 11.30 PM and the cinema located at the 8th floor of the plaza near Bunderan HI (Yes, it's Grand Indonesia). The lift was brutally full because everybody wants to go down, go home or whatever. Then we decided to take the anti mainstream way to go down. We walked along the parking lot from 8th floor to Lower Ground floor. 
The chaos isn't stopped yet. I already know it's a public occasion. Everybody in Jakarta can come but I had no idea that it would be that fucking crowded. We even unable to take proper selfies with our tongsis (tongkat narsis; Indonesian, you understand this. Ha !), it was blurry pictures, overlight whatsoever. But luckily the countdown to 2014 went pretty well with a great graphic video mapping at several hotels around Hotel Indonesia.

Tons of peoples sorrounding Bunderan Hotel Indonesia

Welcoming 2014. Year of horse in Chinese zodiac. In Chinese philosophy, a horse portrayed as a very hard working animal. Hopefully, it could reflect to each individual. Hard working in hoping to achieve the best result. And about my personal wishlist in 2014 ? I do have several stuffs to working on it. But in common, I just wish to have another good life, surrounding with good peoples, being able to travel more & having a good health. May you have a good New Year, peoples !



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