068 | RAD HOURANI #8

I posted a random tweet yesterday night, telling that if someone asks me to mention one designer that could bring a true genderless collection, then Rad Hourani is gonna be my answer. This Middle Eastern fashion designer started his career as a fashion stylist and he got no background in fashion. But his designs are true masterpiece; can you imagine that he did his first fashion show in Paris when he was 25 and the result is a big hit. 

This is the lookbook of the 8th collection of Rad by Rad Hourani; his unisex ready to wear brand line. And how he picked the materials is pretty diligent. Take a look at the lookbook shoots and how versatile a leather could be. How the designer build a masculine androgynous men by picking ethnic male model into it. I rarely see ethnic male model pose for an androgynous items; except Rob Evans in Givenchy S/S 2011 skirt. But here, the masculine vibe looked pretty strong on all the models. 
The items looked really good. Leather loafers with not-so-high heels, leather unisex dress, and unisex backpack. The pants' silhouettes are very well structured & neat. Both genderless & seasonless, two brand essences that Hourani tried to portray into his collections. So that is why he never write any Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, though; instead, he listed down his collections as Collection #0, and so on. 


  1. I love this post. It's also because I love menswear. Great post =)