First trip at 2014 ! Yes, I just done a short trip with my friend Raslene to Cianjur, West Java. And our destination target is the Megalithic Site of Gunung Padang, West Java. If you live in Jakarta, you are able to do a one day trip to this place. So as a friendly intro, I'll let you know how to get there !

1/ If I count on how many hours I took to arrive here, it's all about 6 hours from Jakarta to the main area of Gunung Padang. Just be patience.

2/ Some peoples might think that why you have to go that far "only" to see those tons of stones. Well, it's all about history. If you don't like historical places then you are feel free to stay at home :p


1/ Go to Bogor (Yes, Bogor is the main gate to Cianjur) by Commuter Line train. It costs you around IDR 10K  to 15K, though.

2/ Once you arrived at Bogor train station, take a short angkot to Baranangsiang Bus Terminal near Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Garden) and find an Elf car that would send you to Cianjur.

3/ Once you arrived at the main region of Cianjur, take an angkot to Warung Kondang. 

4/ Right after that, there are 2 choices you can pick to make your way to Gunung Padang; by a motorcycle [ojek] or you may rent an angkot. It costs about IDR 50K for a one way trip by an ojek, or IDR 200K for return trip by an angkot. We decided to rent an angkot because when we arrived, the weather was a little bit overcast.

5/ It took about 1.5 hours from Warungkondang to the gate of Gunung Padang by car. And be aware that the condition of the road more into an off road track. Bear with that, pretty please.

6/ Once you arrived at Gunung Padang area, you still have to do a little hike into the main gate of the complex. It's about 300 to 400 metres. There's an ojek that is able to take you the main gate but we decided to walk our ass off.

7/ Voila ! Welcome to Gunung Padang.

• • •

From what I read, Gunung Padang is the largest megalithic site in Southeast Asia. This place got a lot of exposure back at 2011 and I see it as a mouthwatering place to go since I really really love historical places. I went to a lot of museums and a lot of old buildings. But here at Gunung Padang, I feels like I am time traveling way back to the Megalithic Era. I learned about the prehistoric era during my younger time in school. And being here is kinda like my personal satisfaction because I am able to see the real definition of Punden Berundak-- or in English we can say it as a Step Pyramid that can also be found at Teotihuacan in Mexico, and another notable place like Stone Henge in England, Macchu Picchu in Peru and the Pyramid in Egypt. I'm like hell yeah we also got one in Indonesia.

From the main gate of Gunung Padang, you are able to choose between to stairs that would drives to the main area. The one in the left is the original footsteps that is made from the original rocks. It's about 378 footsteps and it tilted down about 60 degrees. The one in the right is the man made stairs. And we obviously picked the 378 footsteps. Once we climb the 378 foot steps, we arrived at the main area of Gunung Padang. 
And how magnificent the view from 885 metres about the sea level. And I just have no idea how the prehistoric humans from Megalithic era could make this awesome things-- that drives us here at the future, lists of controversies. Archeologist made several interesting hypothesis about this place. Whether it's a pyramid inside or a similar potency of one we have in Central Java in Borobudur.
Oh, and a little thing here am gonna tell. Me and Raslene were appointed to meet at Bogor Train Station. And when we met, we were shock together to see each other in how we dressed in exact same outfit from head to toe. What a silly coincidence, ugh ! But anyway, she's a good travel partner and easy to talk with. And I am going to be happy if I could arrange another trip with her !



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