If some of you watched the 20th cycle of America's Next Top Model that had filmed in Bali, you may notice the rice paddy photo shoot in Ubud when the model had to pose with local Indonesian outfits. He's Oka Diputra, the designer behind the beautiful clothes on most of the models. I've been watching his collections since Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 and I totally fall in love in how he creates the strong silhouettes on most of his menswear collections.
I am back to Indonesia Fashion Week 2014, now as their official blogger so I had my chance get most of the access to go everywhere. With his thick Balinese accent, Oka has such a humble personality. I was a bit worried since I am not a good interviewee, but I kinda think I have to have some chit chats with him and finally, he was very calm & welcoming; then we had several minutes to talk about his life, America's Next Top Model, and his new collection entitled "Dunes".

Talking about his showroom in Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 is his new collection entitled "Dunes". Dunes itself is inspired by the movement of the several sand dunes around the world. Fabrics used on the collection is 70% polyester combined with 30% silk. Pretty friendly for Indonesian weather, eh ? What makes it interesting, when most of the designers are
hiring another persons or artisans to finish the embroidered details or some sort of stuffs. Oka confessed that he finished all of his dress details by himself and it took almost 8 hours to finish 1 dress. Oka Diputra is being amazing as always. Adore him a lot ! Such a good thing to be able to know him more in person. Oh, Oka Diputra is selling most of his collections in Beachwalk Bali and on-line at www.okadiputra.net.




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