So this Summer, major brands that has been showing their collections on fashion week such Damir Doma, Dior Homme, Kris Van Assche and Alexander Wang. They still put several blacks on their collections. And here are my personal items picks inspired from their looks.
For me, shorts is always my must have item in almost any seasons; especially in summer because the striking hot sun, you may need to relax yourself by showing more skin. A polo shirt is a pretty good choice for a bit more formal casual look. Meanwhile t shirt and shorts is the laid back one. A bit touch of lightweight sneakers is one of my favourite.
Meanwhile a long sleeve top could be a good choice as an alternative for some peoples. My personal pick is actually a turtle neck long sleeve because that is my preference. But, a lightweight jacket creates bold and strong look if you combine with the strong Dr.Martens boots.
For a look that is a bit more laid back, I prefer to wear anykind of lightweight long sleeve or either a turtle neck for a night attire. An espadrilles shoes is still on the trend this season that could even give you more like a beach look in black. And I clearly see something different when a person came to beach with all black, though.


  1. I love all of your picks. Black isn't my favorite but almost all my clothes are black, hahaha. What about you btw?

    1. I almost wear black in any attires, though. The friendliest color to mix and match for me ;)