One thing I loved about live performance arts is, you are able to feel the inner beauty of the performance arts itself. Like this one, Silence on Tourné! by Pockemon Crew, a French Hip Hop dance group from France. They opened the 487th Jakarta Anniversary Festival at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta earlier this week. Silence on Tourné!'s concept itself is more into a time machine. They did a modern Hip Hop dance in a vintage French themed. Which is for me, it's such a refreshment and new stuff to see.

All dancers there were doing great, but there's a dance that stole the stage because of his boneless dance movements. Later I Googled about the information and his name is Hafid Sour. He moved like crazy. I totally have no idea what he's doing but it's very weird in a very beautiful way. I recorded his moves because I was literally blown away by the whole performance and Hafid himself. C'est trés magnifique !

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