So in my humble opinion, fashion industry is very women-centric; meanwhile for me, menswear is not a dominant subject at the whole scene. From 4 major fashion cities; New York, London, Milan and Paris, London and Milan are the only 2 cities that having Mens Fashion Week, the rests cities placed menswear in a minor scene. Things happened as well like, the majority of fashion themed book are for women. And I personally grab my menswear fashion knowledge from a magazine and the other male fashion bloggers all over the world. It would be a good thing to know if there are more books about mens fashion-- or local mens fashion.

For the example, I got this book entitled "Men's Guide to Style", written by Indonesian aspiring fashion blogger Titoley Tako. And I'm like, finally. Finally. Finally there's a local book talking about mens fashion. And for me, this is such a refreshment because sometimes fashion could be very segmented. This book is actually talking about mens fashion in general, I could say. It's more into Fashion 101 for men.

The contents are very light, it's a good book to read. And since I could not leave my graphic design eye so let me comment about the visual graphic of the whole book. The book cover is so 2014 but it's far from mainstream fashion book cover I know. Light gray in black background, simple fashion items icons and minimalistic Sans Serif typeface. The book cover is sooooo "me" ! The graphic contents looks pretty promising. And one thing I loved from Gagas Media; the publisher of this book is, the font size is always right. Not too big, not too tiny. It's just right.

What else ? The book content ? I could say this is quite complete if he addressed this book into a "how to" or "guide" book; just like the book title. You'll find the basic rules of mens style at the first chapter of the book. The do's and don'ts are also here. The textile quality and knowing your body proportion. There's also a chapter about tips and tricks. There are tips in how you should dress yourself for a job interview, and also a shopping trick at Jakarta Great Sale, and when I read this I was like; excuse me ? Hahaha. I kinda like the writer, he's pretty out of the box, though.

Then my favourite chapter in this book is the How to Wear chapter. I kinda know in how fashion blogger would dress. We ain't dress to impress. Yet we dress to express. But back at the blogger's personality as well. One blogger could be very expressive by putting lots of leopard prints, polka pattern and feather jewels into their look. Yet there's a blogger like me who worship the are of simplicity by wearing sartorial suits, tie and loafers. It's up to you.

But at the end for me, I kinda need a guide just in case I need some inspirations in how I dress myself up. Basically, this book fits to every men. This is a true guide book and I think each men needed to have one in their bookshelf in order to prevent yourself from a mismatched outfits in an event, or probably just for your daily reference or even for your personal experiment. Me likey !

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