It's 487th birthday of Jakarta ! Getting older and hopefully, getting better. So, I spent the night by visiting this very cool event called Kota Tua Creative Festival 2014, located at Kota Tua, West Jakarta. There are stage performance, bazaar, exhibition and talkshow as well.
But because me and my partner in crime Stephanie Tanata went there during night, things changed a lot visually. I mean, look how they transform Kota Tua into a very interesting place to visit. Look at those diamond-shaped plastic paper, containing lots of hopes for Jakarta. 
OKAY SO, THIS IS THE THING. I never ever done any kind of streetstyle post-- well, a stranger streetstyle post because I'm a shy person when it comes to stranger. But this young men named Kina makes me wanted to photograph his "unusual" style (for Jakartans). I met him on the Art Exhibition at Kantor Pos Indonesia, which is also the part of the whole event as well.
What can I say, his style is very daring and visually looking really good with those draped shirt from Nikicio and (X)S.M.L jodhpur pantes. And also, he gives me hope because there is still a person who would wear this kind of art everywhere because personally, I'm a kind of person that kind think what others think so, I still able to express how I dress about 50% but now .. Oh well this young men is just got great style so I decided that I need to post his style onto this post :D
And talking about the art exhibition, it was pretty good art exhibition. There are lots of art mediums, concepts with various executions. My favourite were "Liar" by Melati Suryodarmo"; that hanging bed with perforated letters "LIAR" on its surface. I don't know but it took me more time to read the art explanation on the wall and I'm just, there's a weird feeling when I see her work there. It is personally deep.
And at the end, Jakarta needs to dig more of its creativity side because if we're talking about traffic jam, flood and the other negative issues, it is happened to be here at this city. We've seen all, I'm pretty sure about that. But when it comes to its artistic side, there could be lots of invisible stuff that we might not see; and we're willing to see it. Happy birthday, Jakarta.

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  1. jakarta bisa jadi gini yah. urbanly artistic. keren!