Let's start with the calmest color; white. Neil Barrett did lots of whites onto his collections and still doing it repetitively for next summer. White varsity jacket, white pants, white boots, white hoodies, everything's all white. Seems like white is Neil Barrett's signature colour and he's undeniably good doing it.

Versace did white in richer way by doing it together with some gold bling-blings on several models. See through shirt, white pants with a touch of floral line arts pattern gives an emphasis touch on its look. Also, showing more skin is always so Donatella by doing a Greek God look in several items from the collection.

There are lots of beige in Salvatore Ferragamo. Mixed with short shorts and shoes in beige palettes. Along with Ports 1961, a classic sartorial look is also presented in beige colours with different tone for the footwear. A tricky execution, though. But it kinda attracts the attention pretty good.

Calvin Klein Collection by Italo Zuccheli. I personally see it more like, I've seen this kind of collections before but in a better one. He did minor colors like yellow and white as an accent for the whole look. It's pretty daring to see a light coloured sneakers, though. Pretty risky for some minor reasons but it's aesthetically good. 

It's always good to see lots of casual looks like what we could see both in Gucci and Canali. Hat, cardigan and loafers are a good combinations for a total laid back modern preppy look. Meanwhile a simple white shirt and another light coloured beige pants are looking so casual along with the sling bag as Gucci did.
Meanwhile, Bottega Veneta did a quite feminine touch onto his latest collections. Wide neck t-shirt, cardigan, mens legging with espadrilles. It kinda reminds me a bit about a classic sailors in espadrilles but when it comes into the top looks, yes it's pretty feminine-- or it's because the models' effect, I can't say.

As a fan of wide legged pants, seeing lots of fashion house doing loose pants is pretty refreshing. Iceberg did the loose pants with oversized shirt & gladiators. Meanwhile Giorgio Armani went down with a bit more business look with those sleek blazers and tote bags.

Etro went with graphic loose pants; like florals and light chocolate stripes. Another casual classy look together with authentic Italian blazers. Also with Ermenegildo Zegna by doing a little bit different. A little bit more fabrics and light weight coat with the whole loose pants. Very comfortable.

Another black & whites for next spring in Italy and those stripes are gonna be there as well. Vertical stripes are on the top in several items at Emporio Armani. From bikers jacket into hooded shirt into coat into sweat shirt. Items are different but the stripes creates a pretty clean red string on the collection.
And what happened to Gucci is, they did major horizontal patterns on the collections like pants, blazers, shirts and suits. And, the sling bag seems the next "it" thing for Gucci because there are spreading in lots of the models' back.

When it comes to Etro, in how they pick their models, I can put my thumbs up because seeing pretty much of mature models walking down on the runway, I kinda understand that Etro is getting pretty segmented with mature audiences. But the question is, how well the mature audiences could rock these prints ?

Dsquared2 is getting less drama & bling blings by sending the models with these colourful camouflage prints in pink, purple, yellow and neon green. Pretty notable in the middle of the beach, I could say. And oh, those sandals & shades are quite fierce to avoid the sun & sands, though.

Antonio Marras goes to World Cup themed collections by doing lots of face prints onto the collections. Classic greens, classic colour mood, line arts. It kinda reminds me of Christopher Kane. But this one is more colourful.

Touch of 80s are also on the top in Dsquared2. Handwriting typographic prints in black over the neon green pants are beyond eye catching. It happened as well with the pink coats as well. So many classic colours. Keith Haring & Andy Warhol are also printed on the collections.

And so, these dynamic duo Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana has been way innovative since 2010 or 2011 or I forgot. How they did the menswear, how the concept went really well along each items, everything. And I think they stole the spotlight from the fashion week by taking Spanish Matador into the next level.

We've seen lots of three quarter length shirt; my personal definition of what Dolce & Gabbana is, and here it's there again. In a printed bull with some Victorian touch, Baroque-Rococo. And again, it's very Dolce & Gabbana. The printed suit is looking really good. One thing I noticed about them is their sharp tailoring in each suits.

Prada looked pretty refreshing as well. They went down with an innovative thing called stitched lines where we could see in most of the looks. It is actually a minor thing for me but the whole lines are pretty bold--

so it's getting visible, and I don't know why I see this very unique. Also, two toned blazers are unique and the sandals. Ah ! Sandals seems everywhere !

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  1. Couldn't agree anymore that Dolce & Gabbana become the star of the week and the bull printed shirt also stole my heart. But for me, Bottega is my favorite, and Armani too, and Gucci and... many more hahahahaha.