Eid Mubarak 1435 Greeting Cards, illustrated by me
Lots of things happened lately in July. And apparently, I kept myself busy past month. As a freelancer, I kinda needed to work extra to "sell" myself to get some projects. And for some reasons, I used to use my Instagram account (@reevosaulus) as a media to promote my works from my graphic design, photography even my illustration works.
And somehow, I could get some projects from it. There's an upcoming project I'm gonna do, but I kinda think that it is too early for me to spill what kind of work it's gonna be. But as a sneak peek, it's gonna be an illustration. So that is why, I sketch more often to practice, post it on Instagram and get the feedbacks. 
The left one is some kind of my quick congratulatory artwork for the newly
elected President of Republic Indonesia, Sir Joko Widodo \(^o^)/

The right one is just some work I did on my free time. Since I don't do color
that much, I tried to pay more attention into details and still practice it.
Another thing is, I became a sudden tour guide. And yes, let me re-write. A tour guide. And it became accidentally. Well some of you may not know that when it comes to travel, I'd rather to travel alone. Because in my point of view, I can concentrate more like; it's between me and the city. No major disturbance would be nice. And because of that sometimes, I hang out with local peoples when I travel.
Based on that point of view, I'm a local Jakartan and think it's good to help tourists that is trying to reach this city and wandering around, hmm ? So I accidentally met these 2 German girls at Gambir Station, trying to find the entrance to Monas and I was about to go there because I needed to take some footages for a video project. So I asked them for help and it's all began there.
Left: Say hi to Vasco & Laura. Vasco is Dutch-Surinamese and Laura is German.
They're living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Right: Say hi to Manisha & Sara. Manisha is Indian-German and Sarah is German.
They're living in Hamburg, Germany.
Also, I did a bit reminiscence in the past 2 years when I was on duty as the tourism ambassador of Jakarta, and I had to learn the touristic places and any other aspects of the city. I worked closely with the ministerial peoples, the governors and the regency leaders. But it's "just" all about that. But showing my city to some tourists is kinda interesting for me. I took them to Old Town Area, ride the City Tour Bus, eat some local delicacies,
and (hopefully) they're happy. It's satisfying for me. Things continue when the German girls traveled to Yogyakarta and they met another 2 German-Dutch couples and they recommended me to the couples so there you go, I made 4 new friends last months. And the couples we're as friendly as the German girls as well ! And hopefully they could treat me the same whenever I travel to Europe in the upcoming years, hmm ? :P

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