033 | Not so Catalogue

As I told you before, I am doing a little styling project with my high school friend, an aspiring fashion stylist and his name is Radhitio Anindhito. There would be 4 posts of my styling project with him and there I go, look number one.

Long sleeve : Danjyo Hiyoji | Self tailored drop crotch shorts | Converse hi top (2010)

Yes, I don't think I should pose like a catalogue model in my outfit post so let me do some Betawi inspired pose in hoping to see the drop crotch shorts effect when I wear it. And also, I always into the old Danjyo Hiyoji collection because it fits my personal style and it's very comfortable in my body.

Anyway, Dito's styling work has already featured in several local magazines here and just in case you would like to see his styling sets, go follow his Instagram --> [ @walktalkdress ]. And also, more posts are already on the waiting list then !

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