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As I'm thinking, I just don't want to post fashion oriented stuffs in my blog. I just don't want to forget my root in Visual Communication Science so it would be better for me to post some of my works & what inspires me, both in visual & fashion graphic. I just learn to let my blog to be independent at the moment. So let me share one of my latest work here.

Diyang Renantia is a friend of mine I met on Teater Abang None Jakarta, an aspiring Copywriter based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I do collaborate with her on my Final Project - "Kepulauan Seribu - Eksotika Teluk Jakarta" and she's done all the writing materials on Chapter 3 of my Final Project publication. 

She kinda asked me to build her curriculum vitae, portfolio set & personal branding because she thinks that I do have more senses in clean design and okay, I'll go for it. The brief is to create a visual identity based on the essence of minimalism that contains her initial letter "DR" that stands for Diyang Renantia. So here I go .. 

The logo stands inside a circle with a sharp shape "DR" that stands for "Diyang Renantia"

The logo concept is to combine both letters into one logogram. The solution is to conjoin the x-height of both D & R then the rectangular shape added to create the R effect of the logo.

To complete her portfolio, in hoping this could be useful for her to sign in a job vacancy, I also provide some stationery designs.

Stationery set

Logogram printed on the folder

Application letter & letterhead

Name card

Curriculum vitae

And seriously, this might be simple because I just help my friend to build her CV & portfolio. But this is one of my favourite project I've done recently. It's just because she trust my design eye and she let me explore my sense of clean design and I really enjoy doing this. And the most important stuff is, this is so "me". Society might think that minimalist design is nothing more than a lazy kind of design-- and yes I've heard people(s) came with that statement. They probably don't know because in my opinion, a process of simplifying something is actually complicated itself; if you get what am trying to say. 

Oh, and I do still enjoy my freelance moments, yet I still have several on going projects. I keep myself busy and seriously, God (may) save the freelancer. I don't mind to be labeled as an opportunist but please if you think my design may fits your eyes, you may hire me for some freelance projects, so :-)

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  1. I was looking for a logo inspiration ideas and stumbled upon ur blog. I loooove the logo. Looking for something simple yet creative for my upcoming clothing line targeting ages 13-30. Coincidentally my name initials DR Danny Rachel and I could use some insight.