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I've been wanting to feature him on my blog and I just got the right time to ask him for a permission and he said yes ! So here I go. Some little words for a person that inspires me a lot recently. Say hello to him, so.

Richard Haines

Richard Haines is my favourite fashion illustrator at the moment. I found his blog "What I Saw Today" when I blogwalking and I just found this kind of treasure. As I trust my eyes, he did tons of good quick and spontaneous street style illustrations. And yes it's more into rough drawing but it turned to be a good visual aesthetic for me, after all.

'What I Saw Today' Newspaper. A collection of drawings from the S/S '14 Men's Collections in Europe.

"Il Palazzo" - A collaboration with Prada

Richard Haines' street style illustrations

Back at the time, I give his blog link to a friend then she said, "It's ugly. I don't like it". And I was like huh ? Some peoples would see this as an imperfection but not for me because I personally think that an imperfection could be a hidden weapon to show your strength. And I think I see that concept in his works. And after I listened to my friend's comment telling that kind of comment, I straightly send her a link and said, "Oh hey, he collaborated with Prada", then my friend stays in silent. 

This man is such an inspiration for me. Because seeing at his works, I no longer afraid at the form of "ugliness" like seriously, peoples would have their own comment about your works but if you do it constantly, it would turn into a good stuffs after all. Just like he did.

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